SAMPE at NYU Chapter News

We are pleased to support the SAMPE Student Chapter at NYU Tandon  School of Engineering, Brooklyn, NY. The Chapter was founded in 2014.   

Official hashtag #SAMPEatNYU   

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Learn more about NYU here   

EVENTS SCHEDULE (subject to change; please check back for updates)   All events to be held at the Brooklyn campus       

2018-2019 EXECUTIVE BOARD     

Kaylee Dunnigan, President kad600@nyu.edu    

Lilly Gottlieb, Vice-President ljg391@nyu.edu  

Diya Mulay, Vice-President djm696@nyu.edu  

Nina Scher, Treasurer ns3586@nyu.edu  

Tahany Moosa, Secretary tm2846@nyu.edu  

Chase Rosenberg, Conference Liaison cmr700@nyu.edu   

Alice Zhang, Director of Social Media az1589@nyu.edu   

Angelo Yerovi, Director of Recruitment agy221@nyu.edu     

Faculty Advisor   Lauriann Elise Kormylo lek385@nyu.edu     

SAMPE at NYU Bylaws here   


NJ SAMPE started a high school bridge building contest using  composite materials in 1991. We expanded the contest to the college  level at the International SAMPE Symposium in 1998. SAMPE Baltimore 2015  marked the debut entry of SAMPE at NYU in the contest.

Find out more about the SAMPE Bridge Building Contest